Create one AI Video of Yourself and Never Create Another One Again

Create one AI Video of Yourself and Never Create Another One Again

There’s a quote by Robert C. Lee which says, “The sweetest sound to anyone’s ear is the sound of his own name.” I don’t know if there are more truer words than that. Hearing one’s own name is very satisfying for several reasons it seems.

  1. Attention: When someone addresses you by your name, it signals that they are giving you their full attention and are focused on you.

  2. Validation: It affirms your existence and identity, and can make you feel recognized and valued.

  3. Social Connection: We often hear our names in the context of social interactions, such as when someone greets us or calls us to join a conversation. This can evoke positive feelings of belonging and connection.

  4. Dopamine Hit: First things first, hearing your name is literally causing a chemical reaction inside your brain. Feel good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, are released into your brain when your ears encode that your name has just been said aloud.

Introducing Tavus

Tavus is quite literally the only video personalization platform with the power to take what you record and automatically transform it into countless AI-generated videos, customized with unique voice variables to each customer’s first name to inspire loyalty and repeat conversions long after you hit send.

Tavus uses AI to programmatically generate personalized videos of you (with your voice and face) at scale. The company is part of the Thiel Foundation 2023 Fellowship. See it in action.

Why Video Personalization is Key

  1. Increased Engagement: When a video is tailored to an individual’s interests, preferences, and behaviors, they’re more likely to watch the video in its entirety, especially when you mention their name.

  2. Improved Customer Experience: By tailoring the video to a specific individual and saying their name, it demonstrates you care. People will remember how you made them feel.

  3. Increased Conversions: By mentioning their name and then delivering a message that resonates, it increases the likelihood that they will take the desired action you want.

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