MetaMask Partners with PayPal & Decentralized Social (DeSo)

MetaMask Partners with PayPal & Decentralized Social (DeSo)

MetaMask is a blockchain wallet, a browser extension, and mobile app that serves as a gateway to the world of decentralized applications (dApps). It allows users to access the Ethereum network with a secure, private connection. MetaMask enables users to easily manage their digital assets and access them from any web browser or mobile phone. MetaMask also enables peer-to-peer sharing and token swapping.

Non-Custodial Wallet

A non-custodial wallet allows the user to maintain control of their cryptocurrencies without relying on a third party. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet that is accessed through a web browser or via your phone. This means that you have the sole responsibility of protecting your private keys to retain control of your money.

To use MetaMask, you first need to download the MetaMask browser extension. Once downloaded, it will prompt you to create an account. After creating an account, you can use MetaMask to send and receive Ether, as well as interact with Ethereum-based dApps. In addition, the wallet supports multiple layers of encryption, including encryption of account keys, encryption of private keys, and encryption of locally-stored data. You can also create multiple accounts with each having its unique seed phrase. When using the mobile app, users can add biometric facial authentication for more added security.

MetaMask + PayPal

PayPal is the juggernaut when it comes to online payment system gateways. PayPal recently announced a collaboration with MetaMask so that its users can buy cryptocurrencies using their PayPal account.

This has great implications for PayPal customers as it will be an easy way to onboard them to use crypto-related products. In addition, this collaboration helps dispel any ill feelings for crypto because users can purchase cryptocurrency with peace of mind knowing the stellar reputation of PayPal. This integration is just the beginning. PayPal has positioned itself as the go-to on-ramp provider for web3 wallets. When large corporations like PayPal partner with web3 companies like MetaMask, should you give it a look-see?

MetaMask + DeSo

MetaMask isn't stopping there, they also have their eyes on the future of decentralized social networking with the recent integration with DeSo. This ushers in a new era of interoperability. If MetaMask is partnering with DeSo, shouldn't you give it a look-see?

DeSo foundation engineer Piotr Nojszewski breaks it all down below.

DeSo is a layer-1 blockchain separate from Ethereum, meaning MetaMask doesn’t natively integrate with DeSo.

However, Ethereum uses the same cryptographic structures as DeSo to handle user wallets.

As a result, a private key on Ethereum corresponds to the exact same public key on both blockchains.

This allows DeSo to translate a MetaMask wallet into a DeSo wallet easily.

What does this mean for millions of MetaMask users?

DeSo’s integration with the leading web3 wallet effectively turns MetaMask into a full-fledged decentralized social network. It effectively paves the way for DeSo to become the leading cross-chain social layer for all web3. This integration unlocks decentralized social for millions of Ethereum users who can now enjoy all the benefits of decentralized social with one click.

MetaMask users will also gain access to gasless profile creation, unlimited posting, a fully decentralized on-chain follow graph and much more. MetaMask users also now gain access to encrypted on-chain messaging with DeSo. So, a MetaMask user can send encrypted messages to someone using a dApp and that user would receive the message via DeSo.

MetaMask is a powerful web3 wallet that you do well to explore. It could expand from handling just money to social identity and social interactions in the near future. DeSo is now very much a part of that ecosystem. Remember, you can do more than just buy crypto with your MetaMask wallet, you have access to hundreds of dApps as well. Here are over 100.

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