Round 3: The Search Engine ‘’Thrilla in Manila’’: Bing ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

Round 3: The Search Engine ‘’Thrilla in Manila’’: Bing ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

Google’s event in Paris yesterday, wasn’t the knock-out everyone expected. Many commentators agree that after their clumsy display, they’ve effectively knocked themselves out of the AI search race. But this is just round 3. Let’s see if they come out of the ring swinging in round 4.

Check out yesterday’s of the headlines:

Google held a chaotic event just as it was being overshadowed by Bing and ChatGPT

In Paris demo, Google scrambles to counter ChatGPT but ends up embarrassing itself

The Upper Hand

Microsoft now has the upper hand and they’ve got Google punch-drunk on the ropes. We’re now seeing a different Microsoft Bing, a more confident, self-assured search engine. Bing is not only here to help you with your everyday life, but with your total well-being. Bing aims to give you simple answers instead of serving up the constant overwhelm of options. Bing is here to inspire and amaze you.

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