Supercharge Your Email Marketing with AI

Supercharge Your Email Marketing with AI

Email marketing is essential for any business looking to build and solidify relationships, increase sales, and communicate effectively with current and potential clients. Now, with the power of AI, these things and much more can be done 10x faster.

Introducing Hoppy Copy

If you need to write irresistible email campaigns, drip sequences, save countless hours writing, or simply increase your bottom line, then look no further than the artificial intelligence protocol, Hoppy Copy.

Hoppy Benefits

  • Create any email in seconds

  • Choose from 50+ AI templates

  • Write witty headlines with AI

  • Increase open rates with AI-generated subject lines

  • Convert blogs to emails

  • Convert blogs to tweets

  • Convert tweets to texts

  • Track your competitor's email strategy with a click of a button

  • Create FB Ad copy

  • Generate SEO-optimized website copy

Why Email Marketing is Key

With email marketing, businesses can easily stay in contact with their customers ensuring their business remains top-of-mind.

Through email campaigns, businesses can engage their customers and build know, like, and trust.

By engaging with subscribers through emails, you can build relationships and generate leads thereby increasing brand awareness.

AI-Money Making Idea: Create Email Templates

Step 1: Go to Fiverr and input Email Marketing. You’ll see the results above.

Step 2: Offer to design beautiful email templates for local and online businesses

Step 3: Sign up for Hoppy Copy. Use the over 50+ AI templates to help you create templates for your clients on Fiverr.

Step 4: Advertise your services on social media and especially on the DeSo Blockchain with Diamond App. This is the web3 Twitter app that allows you to post about what you love and get paid simply for posting. Connect with me @smartgirlcredit.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat

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