The Peripheral AI Newsletter

The Peripheral AI Newsletter

I’ve been blogging every day straight for the last 100 days. I wanted to do this to see how exactly I wanted my newsletter to be laid out and formatted and what topics I wanted to include. I’ve come to love the DeSo Blockchain because it’s a platform that puts the creator first. I’ve come to love AI because of its ability to allow creators to create content faster than ever before.

That’s why I’m finally able to share with the world, The Peripheral newsletter, which came into existence because of my commitment to show up every day for the last 100 days.

The Peripheral is a combination of web3 tools, AI tools, and No-Code tools for creators to finally make a living online without having to trade their time for dollars. In addition to tools, I will interview developers, curate the best news, and provide examples of how creators can earn with these future tools.

The Peripheral will be a weekly newsletter sent out every Sunday. It will take less than 5 minutes to read. The ideas will be easy to implement and if you want an accountability partner, you can book a call with me.

I will be discontinuing (The Daily DeSo) and shifting to The Peripheral.

What to Expect: The Peripheral

Every Sunday, I’ll send you an email to start your week off so you can implement it at speed.

It’ll look something like this:

🎈AI Tool of the Week

Example: Creators, learn to write 10x Faster with Rytr

🗞️ Top AI News

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to throw out AI copyright lawsuit

🎈No-Code Tool of the Week

Example: Creators, bring your ideas to life with a No-Code MBA

🗞️ Top No-Code News

3 ways SaaS businesses can boost revenue in a recession

🎈Web3 Tool of the Week

Example: Creators, learn how to post and earn on Decentralized Social (DeSo)

🗞️ Top Web3 News

Amazon NFT Initiative Coming Soon: Exclusive

🤑💡 One Idea to Make Money from AI + Future Tools

Last year, I created I Am Unbreakable, a WOC Adult Affirmation Coloring Book. It took me over 30 days to create, format and finally upload to Amazon. If I had access to AI, it would have taken me less time. Good thing for you that now you can create this same book in less than 10 minutes.

🤑 💡 Create Adult Coloring Books with AI

There is an AI software called MidJourney. It creates images from the prompts you give it.

In MidJourney, you can use the “coloring book” prompt to create black-and-white images. You can create a series of these images in a specific genre, collate them into a book and publish it on Amazon or Etsy. You can create your e-commerce mega store with your coloring books.

🗞️ Top Coloring Book News

7 reasons adult coloring books online are the hottest new trend

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