AI ChatGPT Is Everything Everywhere All At Once

AI ChatGPT Is Everything Everywhere All At Once

Actress Michelle Yeoh's performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once was phenomenal. She deserves to win an Oscar for her performance. She portrays a middle-aged Chinese immigrant who is swept into a plethora of multiverses in which she alone must save the world by living different versions of her life.

AI ChatGPT's explosion onto the world scene strikes me as similar. It's as if it came out of nowhere and exploded onto the scene in an instant and now it is everything we talk about and it is everywhere we look. It's super exciting to witness.

The Peripheral

That's why I'm happy to share The Peripheral newsletter, to the world. I love all things web3, AI, and No-Code, so I decided to start a newsletter that will cover all three topics for creators.

The Peripheral is a combination of web3 tools, AI tools, and No-Code tools for creators to finally make a living online without having to trade their time for dollars. In addition to tools, I will interview developers, curate the best news, and provide examples of how creators can earn with these future tools.

The Peripheral will be a weekly newsletter sent out every Sunday. It will take less than 5 minutes to read. The ideas will be easy to implement and if you want an accountability partner, you can book a call with me.

An excerpt from the newsletter is below:

🤑💡One Idea to Make Money from AI + Future Tools

Last year, I created I Am Unbreakable, a WOC Adult Affirmation Coloring Book. It took me over 30 days to create, format and finally upload to Amazon. If I had access to AI, it would have taken me less time. Good thing for you that now you can create this same book in less than 10 minutes.

ChatGPT + MidJourney

There is an AI software called MidJourney. It creates images from the prompts you give it.

In MidJourney, you can use the "coloring book" prompt to create black-and-white images. You can create a series of these images in a specific genre, collate them into a book and publish it on Amazon.

So, instead of always paying Amazon for things, now you can have Amazon pay you for the beautiful books you create with AI.

DeSo + AI

After you create your masterpiece with ChatGPT and MidJourney, then head over to Diamond App on the DeSo blockchain and post your creation.

Creators need platforms that are created from the bottom up with monetization, sustainability, and ownership in mind. Social apps on DeSo support a variety of monetization models that put creators first. For example, Diamond App, the Web3 Twitter includes several monetization models such as social tipping on content, creator coins, NFTs and much more. By posting content daily, creators can earn consistently on every post from day one. Creators no longer need to wait six and half months before they see their first dollar.

DeSo is a completely new kind of decentralized social media platform that allows users to create and share content, earn rewards, and get paid for their efforts without having to rely on likes.

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