AI Super Meme Marketing & No-Code Roasting 🔥

AI Super Meme Marketing & No-Code Roasting 🔥

I have a confession to make, I don’t like to see meme’s when I’m reading a newsletter or any content online. To me, it’s super distracting, but millions of people love it, and brands and companies invest in this type of marketing, so let’s see how AI takes this to another level.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is a type of marketing that incorporates popular internet memes into advertising and promotional materials. Memes are typically images, videos, or other types of media that are humorous and easily shareable, and they often spread rapidly across social media platforms and other online channels.

In meme marketing, companies and brands use memes to create humorous and engaging content that can help to increase brand awareness and build relationships with their target audience. Meme marketing can be particularly effective with younger audiences who are more likely to be familiar with and engage with internet memes.

Introducing Super Meme

But, I recently came across Super Meme which turns your text into memes using AI which makes meme marketing that much simpler.

With Super Meme You Can:

  • Create AI memes from any text

  • Generate themed AI memes

  • Perform an AI-Powered meme search

  • Become a master at meme marketing

Get Roastd

I was reading an article about Ollie Efesopoulos, and how he came up with his profitable startup, Roastd, one night after a friend asked him to take a look at his website and offer suggestions for improvement.

He validated his idea by having his friend pay for the critique. Ollie knew he was on to something, so he immediately opened up Framer, a web design, a no-code tool he used to instantly build his landing page and the rest is history.

🎈AI Money-Making Idea: Meme Marketing-as-a-Service (MMAAS) and Roastd-as-a-Service (RAAS)

  • Brands and companies use meme marketing. You can sign up for Super Meme and create memes for businesses, brands, and marketing companies.

  • Be sure to sell and advertise your services on Fiverr

  • Roastd essentially critiques businesses based on their unique skill set. Think about your unique skill set. How can you roast someone in your industry and charge them $99 a pop?

  • Create a Roastd-like website super easy with no coding skills. Sign up with Framer and start roasting those in your desired niche.

  • Use Framer to create no-code one-page websites for your target market and then charge for your design services.

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