Create More & Consume Less with Decentralized Social

Create More & Consume Less with Decentralized Social

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Today there exists a plethora of content out there just waiting to be consumed. From TV to the Internet to our smartphones, we're consuming more content than ever before. And now with AI that number just shot up drastically. Just out of curiosity, how many hours do you spend on your computer? Smartphone? Tablet?

Now, let me ask another question: How many hours do you spend creating your content? If that creation number is less than the consumption number above, then, Houston, we have a problem.

As entrepreneurs, it's pretty easy to fall into full-time consumption mode and procrastinate from executing in our creative mode. So, why not try something different today? Decide to create.

DeSo is Built for Creators

Here are four reasons you should check it out DeSo if you're a creator:

  1. Censorship-resistant: Content is stored on the DeSo blockchain, so you can own your content like you own your Bitcoin.

  2. Decentralized identity: Your profile, followers, content and social graph carry over hundreds of apps across all blockchains.

  3. Own your content: Your content is controlled with your public/private keys, and you can use end-to-end encrypting to prevent any middle-man from seeing it.

  4. Monetize from day one: Start earning with new primitives like NFTs, DAOs, Crypto Tips, Social Tokens, good old fiat money, and so much more.

Create with DeSo Apps


A new app on DeSo ecosystem is Waverly. It's a chrome extension that allows you to post, mint NFTs, or tip creators right from your desktop. But the most amazing part about it is that as soon as you post your content, it is then automatically ported to every other DeSo app on the blockchain. The content you post is being seen by thousands of others even though you are not on those apps. That’s nothing short of phenomenal for a creator because you get to do what you do best, create. You are then rewarded for what you post and that is done automatically by the DeSo Blockchain.


Another app in the DeSo ecosystem is Desofy App. This app is the first decentralized social media app built on DeSo. The beauty once again lies in the fact that when you post content on this app, it is automatically ported to every other app in the DeSo network.

In addition, using social tipping, aka being rewarded with diamonds, creators can generate revenue directly from the content they post. Creators on Desofy have made thousands of dollars just by posting their regular social media content.

Social tipping is a game changer because if you have just 5000 active followers and 10 percent of them give you $0.1 each per post, you could theoretically earn $50 from just that one post. Mind-boggling right?

Pearl App

Have you ever wished that you could get paid for your stunning Instagram photos? Or maybe you’ve dreamt of a way to share exclusive content with your followers without having to rely on views and likes? Well, dream no more.

Pearl is the web3 version of Instagram, plus so much more. Because Pearl is built on the DeSo blockchain, creators can easily make money with their content without web2 corporations like Meta getting rich instead. They even just introduced their Creator Coin Marketplace.

Apps in the DeSo EcoSystem

Because all apps are connected, when you post on one app in the DeSo ecosystem, your post is automatically synced with all the other platforms. This gives your content a wider audience and an even greater chance to earn. If you want to earn more money as a content creator DeSo is the answer. Here are several other ways:

Remember, don't get stuck doing these five things:

  • Don't allow consumption to stunt your creative growth.

  • Don't allow yourself to sink into a self-induced content-consumption stupor.

  • Don't constantly consume content in such a way that it prevents you from moving forward on that key project that will move the needle in your business.

  • Don't constantly consume content because you're afraid to start.

  • Don't consume just to consume. Consume what you need and then create.

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