Get Paid to Tweet with DeSo Diamond App

Get Paid to Tweet with DeSo Diamond App

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to earn truly passive income that pays with a low barrier to entry? Look no further than Twitter’s new integration with DeSo. With over 300 million active daily users, Twitter is one of the most popular and powerful social platforms on the planet.

But what if you could monetize every tweet?

What if you could get paid to simply post your content?

Now, that’s entirely possible with DeSo Diamond App.

Simply share your content on Diamond App and earn. On every other platform you have to post for several months before you gain a following and then hope you can sell your products and services. Not so with DeSo. All you have to do is post your content and if your content resonates with others in the community, you can start getting paid that very same day. You now have the opportunity to post on Twitter and have that content automatically synced with Diamond App, the web3 Twitter, so you can start earning passive income right now.

4 Reasons to Explore DeSo Diamond App:

If you’re looking for a decentralized social media platform that is built on a blockchain and focuses on supporting content creators, then you should definitely check out Diamond App. Here are four reasons why you should give Diamond a try.

1. NFTs: With Diamond, you can mint NFTs with a simple click. This makes it easy to create and share digital collectibles with your friends or followers. Your NFT can be an audio file, photo or even a 3d image. Plus, the NFTs you create can be stored on the DeSo Blockchain, meaning they’ll be safe and secure.

  1. Tipping System: Diamond has a social tipping system that allows you to send cryptocurrency to your favorite creators. These tips, better known as diamonds which hold real monetary value, unlike the WEB2 “like” button which is essentially worthless. Support your favorite creators by giving them diamonds.

3. Creator Coins: As soon as you set up your profile on Diamond, you have a creator coin. This social token can be purchased by other users. When you buy someone's token you are investing in that creator. So not only can you support your favorite creators financially, but you can also help them grow their audience by introducing their content to new people.

4. Community focus: The team behind Diamond App are really focused on building an engaged community around the platform. They're super active, they offer bounties for users who complete certain tasks or challenges, and they’re always working on new features and improvements based on feedback from the community.

Monetize Every Tweet

Sync your Twitter with the DeSo Blockchain

Why store your content on-chain?

  • You can earn income for every Tweet you post via DeSo tips, and much more…

  • Your content becomes censorship-resistant, meaning you can’t be de-platformed!

  • You become a part of a vibrant, close-knit community.

  • You’re no longer chasing “likes” but are actually getting paid

  • Join DiamondApp today!

DeSo Empowers Creators

DeSo creators are rewarded from day one, with no predetermined amount a person can earn. They reward users with “diamonds’’ aka real money that can be used within the network as well as liquidated into cash. DeSo encourages users to create and share content while receiving rewards for their efforts from the community.

With DeSo, creators aren’t at the mercy of algorithms, marginalized creators can earn money on their content, and those that depend on social media for their livelihood can create and earn with every tweet today.

If you’re interested in trying out a social media platform that is built on a blockchain and puts an emphasis on supporting content creators who get paid daily, then head over to Diamond App and sign up for an account today.

There are over 101 ways to monetize your content on DeSo. Join my upcoming Masterclass to explore this exciting new integration with Twitter.

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