How Indie Artists & Musicians Make Money in 2023 with Decentralized Social

How Indie Artists & Musicians Make Money in 2023 with Decentralized Social

The web2 music industry caters to the label elites, while new indie artists barely get a share of the profits. But thanks to the emergence of web3, independent artists are finally getting paid their worth with the power of blockchain technology. Decentralized Social (DeSo) is leveling the playing field for artists, musicians, and those that make a living using their voices.

DeSo Empowers Artists

DeSo artists and musicians are rewarded from day one, with no predetermined amount a person can earn. They reward users with “diamonds’’ aka real money that can be used within the network as well as liquidated into cash. DeSo encourages users to create and share content while receiving rewards for their efforts from the community.

With DeSo, artists aren’t at the mercy of algorithms, indie musicians can earn money on their music, and their supporters can be among to first to say they were there before anyone else.

Mousai Stream

Mousai Stream is a web3 streaming app on the DeSo Blockchain.

On Mousai Stream supporters can support their favorite artists while simultaneously streaming their music. And artists can directly monetize their music by creating NFTs.

Mousai is a social streaming platform that brings artists and supporters together in a symbiotic way that's a win/win for both. Independent creators can be artists, musicians, podcasters or any other rights holder. With Mousai Stream, artists now have access to monetization, distribution, and community connection.

Web3 SoundCloud

Mousai aims to be the web3 streamer of choice where independent artists create, distribute, and monetize their content. In addition, it offers a great way for artists to engage and interact with their supporters on the platform.

Dubbed the Web3 SoundCloud, Mousai users can show their support by buying artists' creator coins, sending a monetary social tip or buying a collectible NFT. A stream-to-own model is in the works in the future.

With Mousai, users can support their favorite musician, artist or podcaster. They can engage with them as part of the community, and get rewarded by owning a digital collectible NFT with no monthly fees or ads to worry about. Mousai artists and supporters can safely discover new music with algorithmic manipulation.

Mousai creators maintain the right to all of their work. Mousai caters to a global audience base with varying music styles, podcasts, interview-based shows, education and entrepreneurship. It is strategically positioned to become the go-to web3 streaming service where independent artists simply create and earn.

Artists can also create limited edition content that only supporters have access to by buying their coin. This could include exclusive videos or music, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, or something else. Musicians can also use their exclusive content to create special experiences or rewards for their biggest supporters, adding another layer of engagement to the monetization process.

One artist I recently met on DeSo is Cassius Cuvee. He is a musician and you can support him by buying his creator coin and streaming his music on Mousai. He wrote a song about DeSo, which you can hear on his YouTube channel.

Apps in the DeSo EcoSystem

Because all of the apps are connected, when you post on one platform in the DeSo ecosystem, like Mousai Stream, your post is automatically synced with all the other platforms. This gives your content a wider audience and an even greater chance to earn. If you want to earn more money as a content creator DeSo is the answer. Here are a number of ways:

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