Quora Enters ChatGPT Arena with Poe

Quora Enters ChatGPT Arena with Poe

Quora recently opened up public access to a new AI product called Poe. Poe lets people ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots. It's only available on iOS for now. You can check it out here.

Poe is powered by models from OpenAI and Anthropic. Quora's 400M monthly visitors will now have the best AI content available. According to their blog, they are in the process of making a Poe API so developers can build on top of the model. In addition, they caution that Poe is not perfect, so the information can't be one-hundred percent useful in all cases, however, they'll do their best to correct problems as they arise. What I especially liked about the comments about Poe is that it is not perfect. That reminds me of imposter syndrome and how it plagues so many creators, but it doesn't bother AI.

Imposter Syndrome in 2023 is a Luxury Tax

In retail, a luxury tax is a sales tax or surcharge levied only on certain products or services that are deemed non-essential or accessible only to the super-wealthy, such as expensive cars, private jets, yachts and the like.

Imposter Syndrome is a feeling of inadequacy, self-doubt and insecurity that does not discriminate. It plagues successful and unsuccessful people, young and old, rich and poor, regardless of past achievements. It causes people to undervalue and undermine their skills, talents, and capabilities.

It is insidious.

It is evil.

It is vile.

It is a liar.

With the introduction of Open AI ChatGPT, you can no longer afford to doubt yourself. AI will effectively replace many of the skilled jobs we have today. That means, your job is in jeopardy. Creators need to take steps now to reorient their thinking because AI is here and it's here to stay.

What We Can Learn From AI

  • AI is not doubting whether it can replace you. It just will.

  • AI is not feeling fear or insecurity about being thought of as a fraud. It simply executes.

  • AI is not a perfectionist. It knows it will not spit out perfect answers every time. But it gives you what its got.

  • AI is not constantly comparing itself to other AI programs. It does what it can do and that is enough.

  • AI isn't afraid of celebrating its success. ChatGPT reached over a million users in five days. Whoop, whoop!

  • AI doesn't feel it doesn't deserve success. It bathes in it and eats it for breakfast.

  • AI isn't afraid to accept compliments and accolades. It welcomes it and actively seeks it out.

The Peripheral

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Keep This in Mind Before Using AI ChatGPT

AI ChatGPT is a great tool to help you streamline your business. It’s a virtual assistant right in your back pocket. But before you use the outputs of ChatGPT, be sure to do the following two things first.

According to AI ChatGPT:

  • Users should rephrase the results they get from ChatGPT to ensure the writing is original and not flagged for plagiarism

  • Since ChatGPT is based on AI, the results may not always be perfect and may lack context, so rephrasing helps to ensure that the writing better conveys the intended meaning.

The Best Rephrasing Tool

The best rephrasing tool that I’ve come across is WriteSonic. It rewrites the sentences you get from AI ChatGPT so that it is original and plagiarism-free.

Even though WriteSonic will give you 100 percent totally new content, the best way to ensure that is to once again use another tool that ensures your content will not be flagged and taken down. The best tool I’ve come across is Originality AI.

According to AI ChatGPT

  • Users of ChatGPT should check for plagiarism before using the results to avoid potential legal and ethical issues

  • ChatGPT does not work like traditional plagiarism detection software as it generates new answers each time it is run. Hence the importance of checking for plagiarism every time.

The Best AI Plagiarism Checker

If you’re a serious content creator you definitely need to put Originality AI into your writing arsenal. With the release of AI ChatGPT, there is now an ever-growing need to constantly check for accuracy and authenticity. Originality AI is the only AI checker that successfully detects GPT-3 written content.

So in conclusion, always be sure to not only rephrase your outputs but double-check to make sure it’s 100 percent plagiarism-free.

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