Supercharge Your Meetings with AI

Supercharge Your Meetings with AI

Zoom has forever changed online and virtual meetings. It was a godsend during the pandemic, but now that we’ve all emerged, so have online meeting platforms. With the appearance of AI, meetings have now been supercharged.

Introducing Vowel

Vowel is the tool for remote teams to host, summarize, search, and share video meetings all with the power of you guessed it, AI. I recently signed up and it has a very smooth interface. I like how you can take notes and 10x the value of your online meetings. You can also search your meeting for specific topics that were discussed to quickly find what matters the most.

Introducing Fireflies

No need to ever take meeting notes by hand again. Automate your meeting notes with Fireflies AI. The software will record, transcribe, search, and analyze all your voice conversations. This is my number one go-to transcription device.

Introducing Relayed

Are meetings taking up too much of your time? Well, now there’s an AI app for that. Relayed is an AI-powered live and async meetings platform that helps teams conquer remote work and meeting fatigue. If being present at a meeting isn’t crucial, Relayed will keep you up-to-date automatically.

Introducing Rev

Need fast, accurate transcription services, look no further, Rev is here to serve your audio and video transcription needs. They have an AI transcription and captioning service that is second to none. I’ve been a customer for years and there turnaround service is nothing less than stellar.

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